Clear 2 Hear provides a friendly professional, one to one service in the comfort of your own home. We have been providing ear wax removal / irrigation for over ten years and we have many happy clients.


Our clinician Sherri is fully trained and qualified through Rotherham Primary Ear Car and Audiology with over 10 years experience within the profession. 

To top all this off Sherri is also a qualified registered nurse for the NHS.

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Ear wax irrigation is a routine procedure used to remove excess earwax, or cerumen, and foreign materials from the ear.

The ear naturally secretes wax to protect and lubricate the ear as well as to keep debris out and hinder bacterial growth. Under normal conditions, the body keeps the amount of earwax in the ears under control.


Too much earwax or hardened earwax can cause a blockage in the ear, resulting in earaches, ringing in the ears, or temporary hearing loss.

Irrigation is an exceptionally safe and comfortable method of earwax removal. Most people find it a comfortable process and quite relaxing, it is usually undertaken in about thirty minutes.